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Best iPhone 12 Case, Tips and Tricks For You

Best iPhone 12 Case, Tips and Tricks For You


Every Apple software update brings us new tools and features that make our iPhone experience even better. Sometimes there are too many features that are added at once and it is difficult to keep up with all the updates.

Here is a list of some amazing tips and tricks for your iPhone 12 and 12 Pro that will make your life easier.

1. Tap the Back to Take a Screenshot

Apple’s iOS software comes with many accessibility features, one of which is tapping the back to take a screenshot. To enable this feature, you have to:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on accessibility
  • Look for the Back Tap option
  • Choose double-tap or triple-tap, whichever you want
  • Select ‘screenshot’

When you use this amazing feature, why not do it with an amazing cover with a sleek design that allows easy access to the tapping action. It is best if you buy a slim iPhone 12 case like the Atomic Slim Case for your phone. 


This iPhone 12 case will do a great job of protecting your phone. The slim design of this case will allow you to use the ‘tap the back for screenshot’ feature at one go.

2. Get Rid Of the Home Screen Entirely

You can use this feature to hide your apps without deleting them. You just have to long-press an empty space on your home screen and click on the page indicator on the bottom of your screen. Check or tick mark every screen that you want to move or hide. 


3. Change Your Default Mail And Browser

Initially, the default browser and mail apps were Safari and iCloud mail respectively. But the new update lets you other apps such as Google Chrome or Gmail as your default apps. 

Follow these steps to make any app you want your default app: 

  • You have to download the app that you want as your default
  • Go to your iPhone setting and find the app you downloaded
  • Tap on it and choose ‘default’ 

4. Sort Your Apps Into A List

The App Library in your iPhone sorts all the apps into folders by default, but if you want your apps in a list, you can do it with the new update. You just have to drag down on your App Library screen and all your apps will be listed alphabetically.

If you want to search for an application, you can search in the search bar or scroll down to the alphabet that the application starts with. 

5. Stop New Apps From Appearing On Your Home Screen

With the new Apple update to iOS 14, you can store all the apps that you don’t use often in the App Library. But when you download a new app, it directly appears on your home screen.

If you want that app to go directly to the App Library, then your can:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Home Screen
  • Click on the newly downloaded apps
  • Choose ‘App Library only’

6. Dark Mode Activation Schedule

Dark mode has been a part of iOS for a while now and it can be activated easily from display settings. But if you want to set the dark mode according to your schedule, then you can:

  • Click on the automatic button
  • Tap on the options tab below it
  • Select ‘custom schedule’
  • Set time for light mode and dark mode

7. Add Widgets to Your Home Screen

iOS 14 allows you to add widgets to your home screen by simply long-pressing an app and adding it to the widget you want to. To know which apps are supported by them, you can scroll through the app list and see which one has an ‘add widget’ option.


If you have iPhone 12 or a 12 Pro, you must have put your hard-earned money into buying a luxury phone like that. It would be bad for anything to happen to your phone. So, the best tip for your phone would be that you get a protective iPhone 12 case. 

Here are some good options for you to choose from. Have a look at some military-grade iPhone 12 cases to protect your phone from any accidental damages.


Best Overall Case: Iron Armor

iPhone 12 Belt Clip Holster Cases

Price: $24.98

It is no surprise that your phone needs protection from any accidental damage that may occur. The Iron Armor iPhone 12 case will not only provide protection but also give some added features that make it the best case overall.

Let’s have a closer look at all the remarkable traits of this case. 

  • Kickstand: The kickstand helps watch movies or series without having to hold the phone
  • Rotating swivel belt-clip: This allows you to carry your phone and gives quick access to the phone while traveling
  • Cardholder Slot: This iPhone 12 case helps carry important cards that have everyday use
  • Shock Proof: Gives military-grade protection that can withstand a drop from about 12 feet
  • Lifted Bezel: Protects your phone’s screen and camera in case you drop it
  • Anti-slip material: The material gives a good grasp even with sweaty hands


Best Clear Case: Covert

12 mini case

Price: $14.98

If you want a clear case for your phone then the covert iPhone 12 case is a good choice for you. You can show off your phone with this case. It comes in three different colors - Clear, Pink, and Smoke, all of which look marvellous. 

Let’s look at the distinct features of this iPhone 12 case.

  • Kickstand: The kickstand helps watch movies or series without holding the phone in your hands
  • Shockproof: You can drop your phone from 8 feet and there won’t be any damage
  • Lifted Bezels: Protect the screen when your phone falls on its face and the rear camera when it falls on its back
  • Durable: The material is strong that military-grade protection and lasts for a long time
  • Accessibility: Easily accessible for all the buttons because of the sleek design


Best Wallet Case: Exec 

iphone 12 wallet case

Price: $29.98

The exec wallet case will protect your phone with a shockproof design. It comes with all the standard peculiarities and many other amazing features.

The best feature of this iPhone 12 case is that it has a cardholder that can hold up to four cards without adding any bulk. 

Let’s have a close look at some other unique features.

  • Cardholder: This case can hold 4 everyday usage cards 
  • Shock Proof: Protects your precious phone even after falling from 8 feet
  • Raised Bezels: Keeps your display and camera protected from damage due to any accidents 
  • Anti-slip: This iPhone 12 case will give you a good grip even with perspiring palms 
  • Accessibility: The slim fit design of this case makes it easy for you to use all the buttons on your phone
  • Durable: The material with which the case is made is strong and gives it a long life


Best Charging Cube: NRGLink USB-C Adapter

NRGlink 20W USB-C Wall Charger

Price: $24.98

This NRGLink USB-C charger is best suited for the iPhone 12 and 12Pro. It gives fast and efficient charging. It is available in 20W and 25W power, whichever one you need. 

This adapter is compatible with almost all iPhones, so if you lost your original charger and are looking for the next best alternative, then this one is for you.


There are a lot of astounding features that Apple offers with its every update. We have elaborated on some of the important ones and we hope that these features will make your iPhone experience even better.


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