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Best Wallet Case for Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ smartphones are here and fans are blown away by the slim handset and multi-use S-Pen. If you are still on the fence about upgrading, the following are three exciting features about the smartphone that are bound to pique your interest.

Extra-Large Display Screen

This touchscreen can be likened to a mini-tablet when taking into account the size and quality of the display screen. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is equipped with an impressive 6.8-inch AMOLED screen. Its ultra-slim design leaves you wondering how such a large screen with top performance standards can fit into such a thin handset.

This smartphone brings high definition viewing to a whole new level. Enjoy a movie or show and don't be surprised if you feel like it's better than your flatscreen TV. The display screen does lack a bezel. Samsung did this to achieve the light-weight, super-thin design.

Consider checking out a Note 10 Plus phone case for your tech. A Note 10+ 5G durable case that will keep your gorgeous touchscreen damage free.

Camera Features

The Note 10 Plus has a rear triple camera setup. It features a 16mp ultra-wide lens, a 12mp wide-angle lens, and a 12mp telephoto lens. Some of the fun camera options include life focus effects for photos and videos. Low-light situations present no issues as the camera is designed for top-performance in this area. Simply use the night-mode options and get a clear, detailed photo.

The front-facing camera has a 10-megapixel lens and is barely visible on the enormous screen. Samsung designed it this way to create more space for the display screen. Keeping the camera lens protected doesn’t mean finding a bulky phone cover. Ghostek can help you find a Note 10 Plus slim case that will meet all your expectations.

S-Pen Convenience

One of the most enticing features about Samsung's Note 10 Plus is the handy S-Pen. The phone is multi-pen capable, so you can use your spare stylus without removing the docked pen. Jot down notes, doodle, and navigate the screen with ease using the advanced S-Pen.

Are you tired of setting the camera timer? Maybe you are always the photographer and rarely get to be in the picture. Luckily, the S-Pen is designed to operate the camera so you can snap your image from a distance. Simply set your camera down and get ready (just don’t forget to use the pen while you pose).

EXEC Series - Best Note 10 Plus Wallet Case of 2019

Ghostek offers a top-quality Note 10 Plus thin case that also serves as a wallet. The Exec 4 phone cover is a Note 10 Plus and Note 10+ 5G magnetic wallet case. It's built with a 1.5mm lifted bezel to protect the magnificent display screen.

The Note 10 Plus and 10+ 5G feature a smooth backing that comes in beautiful aura glow hues. However, it can smudge pretty easily and can be slick. Fortunately, the Exec is designed with a secure anti-slip grip lending you the confidence to carry your handset where ever you go.

It’s also constructed with military-grade shockproof corners. The bumper-like, elevated corners help with shock absorption and are capable of withstanding falls from as high as 2-meters. The leather cardholder can fit up to four cards, so you won’t have to carry around an additional wallet. The leather case is also conveniently detachable. Simply remove it to wireless charge your device.

Before you go, be sure to take a look at Ghostek's excellent selection of audio and Bluetooth equipment.

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