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How To Use A Cell Phone Grip Finger Holder Strap

How To Use A Cell Phone Finger Holder Strap

When you upgrade to a bigger phone with a bigger screen, you forget to realize one thing, that it will be difficult to navigate using one hand. The smaller screens allow you to navigate the entire screen with your thumb. But with the huge screens of today’s mobiles, you need a little help.

Fortunately, you can use a cell phone finger holder strap that gives you a better grip on the phone, leaving your thumb to roam freely on the mobile screen. The better grip also reduces the chances of your phone slipping out of your hands.

To use a cell phone finger strap, follow the given steps.

  • Remove your phone case from your mobile
  • Clean your phone’s backside
  • Remove the adhesive film of the finger holder strap
  • Place the finger holder strap in the middle of your phone’s back
  • Slide your fingers between the finger holder strap to get a better grip on your phone

Different Types of Finger Holder Straps

1. Finger Loop Gripper

A finger loop gripper is a Velcro-type finger holder strap that you can stick at the back of your phone to get a better grip. It has two to three loops where you can insert your fingers individually to hold the phone and navigate the screen with your thumb.

2. Stretchy Band 

This type of cell phone finger holder strap comes with an adhesive strip with a stretchy band. You can insert your fingers inside the stretchy band for getting a better grip on your phone. 

The stretchy band allows you to have a secure grip on your phone because there is no individual loop for the fingers. The entire stretchy band adjusts to the size of your fingers because of its elasticity. However, longer use of stretchy bands can cause your fingers to ache.

3. Flat And Relaxed Loop Phone Grip

The flat and relaxed cell phone finger holder strap is a good option for those whose fingers can’t hold the elasticity of a phone grip. This finger holder strap does not add any bulk or weight to your phone because of its flat design and also solves the problem of holding the phone.

It is a long strap that sticks across the length of your phone. One end of the strap sticks on the top of your phone and the other end on the bottom of your phone. The two ends of this strap rely entirely on the adhesive of the strap. You need to make sure that the adhesive of the strap that you are buying is strong.

You can slip your fingers between the flat strap and get a better one-hand grip on your phone.

4. Metal Ring Holder

A metal ring holder gives you an easy and safer grip on your phone. Since it is made up of metal, the ring holder can be made into a kickstand for you to watch movies or series without holding your phone. It also works are a hook-mount that you can use to hang your phone on your dashboard.

The only drawback of using this type of cell phone holder is that when you put your phone down, it won’t stay completely flat. It will make your phone look a little bulky and make it unstable when on the ground. 

If you are looking to buy a cell phone finger holder strap, then you can check out the Ghostek Loop

Ghostek Finger Holder Strap: Loop 

Price: $9.98

LOOP — Magnetic Phone Holder Strap

Mobile phones are incredibly useful tools that allow you to click pictures, watch movies, get directions, surf the internet and talk to your friends, all in one. It would be unfortunate for something to happen to your phone in case it slips from your hands. Getting a cell phone holder strap enables you to get a better grip on your phone.

The Loop is not just an ordinary cell phone finger holder. It provides a better grip on your phone and also turns into a kickstand which allows you to watch a movie or series without having to hold the phone.

This cell phone finger holder strap comes in a variety of colors with various interchangeable straps of different designs. Using Loop will make it easy and comfortable to securely hold your valuable phone. The durable finger strap of this finger holder strap avoids any phone drops. 

The Loop grip holder has a built-in magnet that can be used in car mounts. The grip holder also makes it convenient to take selfies. 

Let us look at the other stunning features of the Loop.

  • Multifunctional: The ergonomic grip design of this finger holder strap has multiple uses like phone grip holder, magnetic car mount, and kickstand
  • Kickstand: This allows you to watch movies or series without having to hold your phone
  • Strong Grip: This allows you to comfortably hold your phone without the risk of it slipping from your hands
  • Selfies: The strong grip on the phone allows you to take perfect selfies 
  • Detachable: The loop can be easily detached in the case of wireless charging
  • Swappable Straps: The straps can be interchanged with various other designed straps
  • Easy Peel-off: The Loop can be stuck and peeled-off easily
  • Material: It is made up of durable nylon material that lasts for a long time
  • Versatility: Can be easily stuck on phone cases and mobile phones
  • Warranty: The Loop comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Strap Designs: The different types of interchangeable strap designs include Carbon Fiber, Camouflage, Checkered, Floral, Marble, and, Solid Unpatterned


If you have the latest phone with a huge screen, then you might be finding it difficult to use your phone with a single hand. Get a cell phone finger holder strap to get a better grip on your phone and to easily navigate through your phone using one hand.

 It is better if you get a cell phone finger holder strap that has multiple features like a kickstand and magnetic mount so that you don’t have to get different accessories for different uses.






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